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About Us

SeaWorld Diving & Marine Supply Co., Ltd. is a leading company providing commercial diving services or underwater operation in Thailand. The company was established  in 2008 by a group of the  Former Thai Navy Seal who are extremely interested  and infatuated in diving and  carrying out underwater works.

SeaWorld Diving has practically extensive experienced in all underwater sections especially,  maritime and petroleum industry.  The company has been certified and  accredited by a quality  management system of ISO 9001  and the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS); ABS, NK, BV, DNV and Lloyd’s Register. 

The policy aims to provide professional, conscientious and  quality services to our clients.  The company also keeps  and  continues developing to go beyond the client satisfaction with  excellent operations and mind  services,  accordingly complying  with healthy, safety and  environment regulations.


Underwater Inspection

Vessel or Platform Inspection (UWILD, Visual Inspection, General Survey), Hose Inspection, Flood Member Detection, Mooring Chain Measurement, Single Point Mooring Inspection, Confine Space, Cable or Pipeline Survey and etc.

Underwater Installation

Pipeline and PLEM Installation, Underwater Head Drilling Guide and Installation, Underwater Installation of Pumps, Power Cables Installation, Anode Installation, Mooring and Buoy Installation, Underwater Protection Wrapping and more.

Underwater Repairing

Ship Repairs, Salvage and Wreck Removal, Recovering Pipeline and PLEM, PIAC Casing Repairs, Hull Repairing, Structure of Platform Repairing, and more.

Underwater Welding and Cutting

Wet Welding and Cutting of Steel, Anodes Welding for Both Vessel and Platform, Dismantling Platform, Welding and Cutting Clamp and Template, Dismantling Pipeline and etc.

Underwater Cleaning and Mainintenance

Hose and Pipeline Maintenance and Protection, Hull Cleaning and Propeller Polishing, Leg of Platform Cleaning, Single Point Mooring (SPM) Maintenance, Hose Replacing and Renewing and etc.


All materials utilized in are standard of surface supplied diving system and additional equipment to support diving operation successfully.


SeaWorld Diving is an expert in diving and underwater skills obtained from the proficient principles in working on underwater projects for several years.

Since 2008 to present

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